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Oil Change in Prince Rupert

Oil Change in Prince Rupert

Treat your car well and it will reward you with memorable experiences on the road in the best ways possible. Neglect maintenance and repairs and you'll open yourself up to a world of hazardous if not downright dangerous driving conditions. It's important to keep your vehicle running as it was intended to run and there's no better start to ongoing and general vehicle upkeep than oil checks and changes.

Don't let your vehicle succumb to complications and breakdowns simply because you were unable or unwilling to address a quick and easy inspection that could, in the long run, save your vehicle from persistent or even crippling consequences. Join us today at Rainbow Chrysler and allow our team to provide you with solid advice and guidance as our certified experts inspect and assess your vehicle, offering results without complaints or complications. At Rainbow Chrysler we want your vehicle to last as long as possible in the best shape it can be.

Oil Change in Prince Rupert

The Dealership for Oil Changes in Prince Rupert

There's a general rule-of-thumb that many people have heard of over the years and that comes down to a 5,000-kilometre range between oil changes. While this is a good assumption and standard to drive your vehicle by, it's important to understand where the timeframe comes from and why. What it comes down to is, the more you use your vehicle the more the opportunity for a small complication to become a huge liability.

It all depends on what type of oil you're using, of course. While in the past the quality of oil had a great range, modern oil relies more and more heavily on synthetic options to increase the limits of oil change ranges and therefore allow drivers to get out and explore the world without having to worry about where they will be when they get over that number. In fact, while it cannot be considered a blanketed number due to individual vehicle mechanics, many modern automobiles will require oil changes closer to the 16,000-kilometre range. Let our experts determine what the adequate range is for you.

Superior Service from a Premier Dealership

Understanding your vehicle and listening to the sounds it makes and how it shifts between gears is just one step that can assist you in making your oil range improve. When you recognize that there's a finely-tuned and optimized process occurring under the hood of your vehicle and resisting getting it checked could lead to huge, life-altering problems in the future should be reason enough to bring your vehicle in for a quick review and assessment to determine whether something needs to be done now or later.

If you are operating a car without quality oil you will be putting yourself on a path for problems and damage can arise from friction, heat, and corrosion over time. By replacing your motor oil you are encouraging a smoother reaction as parts move between components. Also acting as a coolant, it reduces the wear and work of the radiator. Make sure you don't have problems later by getting it checked now and let the experts at Rainbow Chrysler assist you so you won't be spending huge stacks of money later for something so affordable to do now.

Rainbow Chrysler - Your Dealership for Your Oil Changes

When it comes to finding the best quality vehicles that match an outstanding commitment to customer service you know you've chosen the right place with Rainbow Chrysler. Our team of automotive experts is sure to impress you with their product knowledge and friendly attitude when you come in to find your next favourite vehicle.

Join us today at 1105 Chamberlin Avenue in Prince Rupert, BC. We look forward to assisting you and providing the premier service with those who have experienced Rainbow Chrysler have come to expect.

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