How to get your car ready for winter

There’s a lot to like about the winter months, from the celebrations of the holiday season to the spectacular scenes created by ice and snow. But the colder conditions aren’t usually so welcome for your car, which needs to put up with plenty more stresses and strains when the temperatures plummet.

But if you get your car in the best possible shape before the mercury falls too far, you’ll give it a much better chance of seeing spring arrive without any problems in the meantime. Here are six key winter car care tips that your vehicle will thank you for following.

1) Clean the Interior

Cleaning the interior of your car may not do a great deal to protect it from the winter elements, but you can guarantee you’re less likely to be in the mood for detailing when the temperature is far below zero. Give your car a deep clean now, and it’s out of the way until the warmer days return.

2) Wash, Wax, and Polish the Exterior

Perhaps more essential is to wash, wax, and polish the exterior bodywork while the weather is still relatively mild. This will remove any fall leaf debris before they become frozen and difficult to clear, and a waxed and polished finish helps protect the paintwork from the corrosive effects of road salt and grit.

3) Check Fluids

Now’s also a good time to pop open the hood and check that all the fluids are topped up to their correct levels. The engine needs to work a lot harder in winter, so it’s important that there’s enough oil, brake fluid, and coolants to do their protective jobs. Also, check that your windshield washer reservoir is filled with the right water and anti-freeze combination, so you can keep a clear view ahead no matter how far the temperature falls.

4) Check All Lights

The gloomy darkness of a winter snowfall means your lights need to be working at their best to maintain safety. Check that all interior and exterior lights are in full working condition, and buy replacements for any that you know are nearing the end of their reliable life, so that you’re not left stranded with a blown bulb.

5) Fit Winter Tires

Unless you live in a moderate climate that rarely sees lasting snow, winter tires are an essential element of winter car safety. Make the switch well before the first predicted snowfall so that you’re not caught out with unsafe traction levels in an unexpected storm.

6) Pack an Emergency Kit

Lastly, put together an emergency kit you can keep in your trunk. Pack water, blankets, energy bars or candy, a torch, and a small first aid kit to keep you comfortable and safe if you get stranded in heavy winter traffic.

Enjoy Expert Winter Car Care at Rainbow Chrysler

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