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Should I buy the Dodge Journey or the Grand Caravan?

Red Dodge Grand Caravan Red Dodge Journey

Should I buy the Dodge Journey or the Grand Caravan?

So, you're trying to make the painstaking decision between the Dodge Journey and the Dodge Grand Caravan. How can one choose between these two equally majestic and rugged vehicles? I clutch my invisible pearls at the thought of making such a choice - alas, it must be done. Lucky for you, you have this marvellously articulate article to help guide your decision. Even more so, you have Rainbow Chrysler, a dealership that puts customers first, and we have several trims of both the Journey and Grand Caravan on our lot for your convenience. We encourage you to come and test drive these vehicles so you can really get a feel for the driving experience and picture how each vehicle would fit into your life.  You can click the contact us button above to book a test drive, or just stop by whenever we love walk-ins! However, if you want a little more information about each vehicle first - keep reading!

The Journey - you get a crossover that has the versatility to make that makes travelling in narrow streets and rugged terrain feel natural and effortless.

The Grand Caravan - you get a spacious interior that makes having more people in the vehicle a much more comfortable experience.

So, which model makes your engine hot? First, let's take a look at what the base models for the recent Grand Caravan and Journey have to offer and then move forward through the various reasons that the two enjoy so much public praise.

Here we go:
red Dodge Grand Caravan and Dodge Journey

Why the Grand Caravan Might be the Answer:

Dodge Grand Caravan

Do you go out on long rides that take you out into the natural settings and want to have space to make the experience better for everyone involved? Well, with all the comfort highlights that stand out from the crowd, the Grand Caravan makes for an excellent travel companion for families that expect to grow and grow and grow.

Also - if you think you're going to be the one driving around your kids as they get older with their friends, well, this might just be the best thing since healthy school lunches.

Add to all of this the standard V6 in the Grand Caravan, and you can be sure that this vehicle will handle itself better than the minivans whose legacy it continues. With best-in-class features, you'll enjoy your Grand Caravan whether you're driving around town or heading out on exciting adventures.

If the points below apply to you, then the Grand Caravan might be the best choice:

- Do you go on frequent family road trips

- Do you have two or more kids/large dog/ drive lots of passengers

- Require lots of space for camping gear etc

Why the Journey Might Be the Answer:

Dodge Journey

A vehicle that has a friendlier, city-sized approach to the world with a hugely customizable series of trim levels, the Journey is a sure-fire win for drivers anticipating a less expansive family life (unless you choose the 7-seater option) - with a versatility that astounds.

Add to this that the Journey is highly versatile in all conditions such as snowy, icy, and wet weather - the Journey has everything modern drivers need to adapt. Note, that among the customization options that you can option the Journey with AWD drivetrain. This is equally true for those who like to head out of the cityscapes and into less forgiving roads and paths.

Here are some points to review:

- Do you live somewhere that has distinct seasons?

- Do you like the idea of the AWD option to take on challenging terrain  (Dirt & Gravel Roads, Etc)?

- Do you enjoy the creature comforts and entertainment features of a modern compact SUV?