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Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer in Prince Rupert

Get your Dodge at the top dealership in Prince Rupert!

The Dodge brand is a brand we trust here at Rainbow Chrysler. With a huge range of vehicles to choose from as well numerous models of each to help personalize the experience and tailor it to each driver type, you'll find the one that speaks to you when you choose your Dodge.

Dodge Dart

Get the Sports-Inspired Dart!

Are you the type of driver that wants a sports-inspired Dart? With 6 models to choose from, if this is the vehicle you're after you'll have, if not an excessive, number of options to explore. This award-winning Dodge car has everything going for it, including a spacious interior and responsive controls. Add to that the fact it is incredibly affordable, offered equipped with three engine options, and a variety of packages, this really is a car worth investing in.

Challenger with a Hellcat!

Next, look to the Challenger. Like the Dart, this is a car with options - 8 models to be specific - including the available SRT Hellcat that comes with the incredible 707 horsepower 6.2L Supercharged HEMI Hellcat V8. A prize for any who truly loves to drive, this attractive, and the finely sculpted car is waiting for you to test drive it at Rainbow Chrysler.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Family Friendly SUVs

SUVs are always a good option for those who want to get more people along for the ride with the power and space that will give you more opportunities. Choose the Durango, a versatile vehicle with best-in-class features and a reliable, sturdy frame. Then we have the minivan - Grand Caravan - with space, and tons of options to impress - which is reflected in turn in the customizability of the Journey. Whatever you want, find it here at Rainbow Chrysler!

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