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2020 Ram 1500 Classic Trims: Express vs. Warlock

2020 Ram 1500 Classic Trims: Express vs. Warlock

The 2020 Ram 1500 Classic offers an amazing set of features at a highly attractive price. The range is built around the 2018 version of the full Ram 1500, offering a slightly stripped-back experience but with considerable savings over current flagship 1500 models.


There are several trims available in the 2020 Ram Classic range. Two of the most popular are the Warlock and the Express, but which one should you choose?



Engine and Performance


Both the Warlock and Express versions of the Ram 1500 Classic are built around the same basic powertrain. The 3.6L 24-valve V6 engine provides a highly competent 305 horsepower and 269lb-ft of torque, plenty enough for most light-duty work.


However, both the Warlock and Express models come into their own with the mammoth 5.7L V8 engine that's available as an option. This mill pumps out 395hp and 410lb-ft of torque, taking the Ram 1500 Classic firmly into heavier-duty territory.


Both trucks are fitted with the same 8-speed automatic transmission, with the power passed to either part-time or full-time all-wheel drive.


Body and Cab


The first big difference between the Express and Warlock trims is the standard cab size that's provided. The Express comes with a Regular Cab, featuring two doors giving access to the split-bench seat at the front,


The Warlock offers a more comfortable and spacious Quad Cab option, with four doors opening to a choice of bench or bucket seats at the front, and extra split-bench seating in the rear.


Surprisingly, the Warlock's larger cab doesn't eat into the payload area, with both trims offering a generous 1,628L of cargo space in the pickup box.


Where the two models differ slightly in capability is with their towing capacities. The Express can pull up to 2,777kg in trailer weight behind it, while the Warlock's heavier cab weight reduces the towing capacity to 2,091kg.


Added Luxury


One final difference between the two is the Luxury Group addition, included on the Warlock as standard. This package adds enhancements including a leather steering wheel, auto-dimming rearview mirror, LED bed lighting, and more.


Choosing Between the Classic Express and the Classic Warlock


Both of these trucks offer a dependable level of performance, and there's not much to choose between them for basic capability. However, if you frequently carry a crew from site to site, the Warlock's larger standard cab and more comfortable seating give it the edge.


However, the smaller size and slightly lower luxury level mean the Express trim is available at a considerable saving. Add to this the extra towing capacity, and for many drivers, the smaller truck could be the most versatile option.


But whether you choose the new Ram 1500 Classic Warlock or its smaller Express sibling, you'll be getting a lot of truck for your money.

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