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Chrysler 200 in Prince Rupert, BC

Blue 2015 Chrysler 200 in Prince Rupert, BC

Chrysler 200 at Your Local Prince Rupert Dealership

  • Class-exclusive 9-speed automatic transmission
  • Class-exclusive optional AWD
  • Engine options including 295-horsepower V6
  • Class-exclusive available adaptive cruise control
  • Available Lane departure warning

A car that wants to give you the best experience on the road it can with features that represent the forward movement you have come to expect from the Chrysler brand. Enjoy driving in a way that you've never done before with the comfort and the highlights that originate from the artistically designed and practically developed car that has won over the car lovers the world over.

Equipped with a variety of class-exclusive feature and rated the Most Affordable Mid-Size Sedan in Canada, well, you can bet you're going to have a great time when you get on the road with a vehicle that goes above and beyond the call. Join us today at your local Prince Rupert Dealership, Rainbow Chrysler and let our team of professionals assist you with defining the type of driver you are and which of the Chrysler 200 models in Prince Rupert is best suited for your particular style of driving. We look forward to making your dealership experience the best it can be at Rainbow Chrysler!

The 200 for Drivers in Prince Rupert, BC

Know that you have what you need when you choose a car with the superior quality that comes standard when you drive the Chrysler 200. Among its various improvements over its previous model, you'll no doubt appreciate the fact that there's been a 26% increase on efficiency. This means you'll have more opportunities to get out and about without having to concern yourself on having to stop at gas stations so frequently.

This is complemented by the class-exclusive 9-speed automatic transmission that finishes by addressing and offering a fuel economy rating as low as 6.4L/100 km (44 mpg) Highway using the new 5-cycle efficiency system. Truly, the Chrysler 200 in Prince Rupert is a highly-capable and well developed vehicle.

True AWD Capabilities

Equipped with the three-time Ward's '10 Best Engines' winning 3.6 PentastarTM VVT V6 engine will give you the presence on the road that makes life better and provides you with the confidence that you should expect from a modern vehicle. This is car that has style, efficiency, comfort, and so much more all wrapped up in an impressive shell that's as safe as they come and as fun to drive as it can be.

Experience driving from new heights thanks to the Best-in-Class 295-Horsepower vehicle that will get you moving to the speeds you wanted thanks to the 262 lb-ft of Torque. Available on the 2015 model, you'll be able to choose All-Wheel Drive systems to give you more control and a better, more responsive driving experience.

All the Technology You Deserve

Maybe you're the sort of driver that wants to go for a drive and know that you have the elevated technological features that put you at the top of your segment and ahead of the curve - and for you there's a lot to choose from to make that happen.

Add Lane Departure Warning and recognize the advancement in modern car experiences that make the Chrysler 200 in Prince Rupert such a great option for modern drivers. With tons of additional features, you'll be able to customize your 200 to meet your needs. Let our experts help you find the one that works the best for you and join us today!

Get Your New Chrysler 200 at Rainbow Chrysler

When it comes to finding the best quality vehicles that matches an outstanding commitment to customer service you know you've chosen the right place with Rainbow Chrysler. Our team of automotive experts are sure to impress you with their product knowledge and friendly attitude when you come in to find your next favourite vehicle.

Join us today at 1105 Chamberlin Avenue in Prince Rupert, BC. We look forward to assisting you and providing the premier service those who have experienced Rainbow Chrysler have come to expect.